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The End of the Alphabet

Here we are. The end of the alphabet. I have made it to Z, leaving me at rather a loose end. Do I go back and start again? Do I farewell Edible Alphabet and start something new? Let me know what you think, any ideas or suggestions are most welcome. So Mr. Z. The obvious […]

The Heat of a Taiwanese Summer

It is always difficult to imagine temperatures different from what you are currently in. Yes, you know what it is like to be huddled under duvets with a hot water bottle and a cold nose, alternating what hand you use to turn the pages of your book so one doesn’t get too icy. You know […]

Mushroom Soup for the English Teacher’s Soul

Perhaps a controversial choice considering the title of this post, but my W ingredient is wine. Obviously it is necessary while I am cooking after a long day at work, in a glass to be sipped on as I potter around the kitchen, but I also use wine in a range of dishes. From white wine in […]

Rolling out Ravioli

This blog post is going out to friends and adventures, as the last few weeks have been filled with friends who have exciting prospects on the horizon. Last night was dedicated to two friends who are going to be sorely missed in Auckland. We cooked a feast from Jerusalem and made feijoa cocktails from the tree […]

Q is a Quiet Weekend

Ollie got on a plane two weeks ago and flew to a new job in a city named Taipei. I, however, still live in a city named Auckland, the city where there seems to be no end in sight to the summer and there a teacher’s registration to work towards. After one week I thought […]

The Comforting Taste of Risotto

Even though it sounds a bit wintery, I just couldn’t resist making a mushroom risotto for M. Both comforting and tasty, a good mushroom risotto is always a winner. I make it with red wine and pangrattato in winter and white wine and salsa verde in summer for a fresher meal. Mushroom Risotto Serves 6 Stock […]

‘Songs from our Youth’

I know. This is late. It is already Wednesday night and there has been no F post for last week. But here I am! Full of Fun Filled Fantastic Fabulousness (yes I have been teaching alliteration as part of a poetry unit this week at school). I blame the long weekend for my tardiness. Ollie […]