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Q is a Quiet Weekend

Ollie got on a plane two weeks ago and flew to a new job in a city named Taipei. I, however, still live in a city named Auckland, the city where there seems to be no end in sight to the summer and there a teacher’s registration to work towards. After one week I thought […]

Up Close and Personal with Kale

So, it turns out that not having senior students hasn’t given me all the time I thought it would, and this blog post is a little later than anticipated. But I have been on a Duke of Edinburgh tramp with a whole lot of  Year 10s in the Hunua Ranges, had my sister to stay, been […]

Beautiful Bright Beetroot

  Six points for using two B ingredients this week. A raw beetroot and rare beef salad.   I made this for dinner last night, hoping all the iron would give me the energy to  make it through the weekend and the Mexican fiesta Courtney and Kath are throwing for their birthdays.  Delicious healthy dinner […]