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The Heat of a Taiwanese Summer

It is always difficult to imagine temperatures different from what you are currently in. Yes, you know what it is like to be huddled under duvets with a hot water bottle and a cold nose, alternating what hand you use to turn the pages of your book so one doesn’t get too icy. You know […]

Preserving Lemons

I honestly could not imagine cooking without lemons. Whether they be squeezed into a salad dressing or zested onto chicken or fish, lemons always seem to help food taste their best. Last year I gave friends and family jars of preserved lemons for Christmas. Not only did they look good under the tree, they tasted […]

Ice, Ice Baby…

It is well know within my friends that I have a slight obsession with Jamie Oliver. This began when I was about 14 years old, a huge poster of him on my bedroom wall alongside Dawson’s Creek stars. 7th form saw me and a few friends meeting him “Are you girls bunking school to come […]