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Up Close and Personal with Kale

So, it turns out that not having senior students hasn’t given me all the time I thought it would, and this blog post is a little later than anticipated. But I have been on a Duke of¬†Edinburgh tramp with a whole lot of ¬†Year 10s in the Hunua Ranges, had my sister to stay, been […]

A Spring Salad

Shock! Horror! It is only Tuesday and already I have a blog post – it’s amazing how much you can get done without the marking, planning and stressing Senior students add to your life. They have now all sat their Level One English exam, and I am left with only two Junior classes, and heaps […]

The Good Egg

The end of the school holidays are upon me, my marking is all done (finally!) and I had Nicole up in Auckland for the weekend. We celebrated with Ollie and his father at Al Brown’s Depot on Friday night, Nicole and I were a little surprised to find the two of them had already polished […]