Nicole and I have had many a heated debates over whether tomatoes or cucumbers are the superior vegetable. The answer, obviously, is tomatoes. Raw in a salad, slow cooked and sweet, simmered for pasta, with lentils and coconut milk for a curry, I would be lost without them in my fridge. Although my plants have […]

Even though I am not a sweet tooth, give me a hunk of blue cheese over chocolate any day, lazy days are always made better by coffee and cakes. So I was actually pleased when I woke up on Sunday morning to the sound of rain drumming on the roof. It made it perfectly excusable to […]

This blog post is going out to friends and adventures, as the last few weeks have been filled with friends who have exciting prospects on the horizon. Last night was dedicated to two friends who are going to be sorely missed in Auckland. We cooked a feast from Jerusalem and made feijoa cocktails from the tree […]

Ollie got on a plane two weeks ago and flew to a new job in a city named Taipei. I, however, still live in a city named Auckland, the city where there seems to be no end in sight to the summer and there a teacher’s registration to work towards. After one week I thought […]

Valentines Day, a fitting day to announce on the blog that Ollie and I are engaged. Just as he is about to leave our fair shores, we were able to celebrate, and what better way than on Waitangi Day with friends, food and champagne? It was a truly awesome party, and we had the amazing Anna […]

A couple of Easters ago, Ollie and I spent the day at Tim’s Sussex St flat. I had only just moved to Auckland and was still feeling like I didn’t know many people, like I didn’t like the city and like I missed everything about living in Italy. Tim made us an incredible roast lamb […]

And what a summer it has been. Time spent at home in Wellington with a Christmas dinner to rival all Christmas dinners- two turkeys and all the trimmings, a Christmas pudding and a summer pudding with over twenty people wearing hats round the table drinking champagne and red wine. The most exciting part was when […]