T is for Tomato

Nicole and I have had many a heated debates over whether tomatoes or cucumbers are the superior vegetable. The answer, obviously, is tomatoes. Raw in a salad, slow cooked and sweet, simmered for pasta, with lentils and coconut milk for a curry, I would be lost without them in my fridge. Although my plants have now withered and died after a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes, and then no rain for months, Nosh has Truss tomatoes for $1.99 this week and I have been going to town with slow roasting!

IMG_1002It’s super easy to get them tasting amazing. Simply cut into quarters, cover in thyme, salt, balsamic and olive oil, pop them in the oven at 180°C and sit back while the magic happens.

In the space of an hour, they go from this …


to this…

IMG_1008These can be stirred through pasta with mozzarella and basil, put in salads or as a side for a meat dish. My lunches are definitely looking up this week!




  1. Georgina · · Reply

    Anna, did these with dinner tonight. Quinoa was rather clumpy, chicken was not as hot as it could be, but the tomatoes… perfect!

    1. Georgina · · Reply

      Sorry – I should clarify, I did these with dinner tonight.. your quinoa would never be clumpy!

  2. phssstttt nicole needs to give up on that cucumber rubbish…. xo

  3. Isabella · · Reply

    It’s quite funny really, we cook like this all the time at home. I don’t know how many time my mums cooked this. Delicious!

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