Summer time and the living is easy

And what a summer it has been. Time spent at home in Wellington with a Christmas dinner to rival all Christmas dinners- two turkeys and all the trimmings, a Christmas pudding and a summer pudding with over twenty people wearing hats round the table drinking champagne and red wine. The most exciting part was when the oven door exploded all over the kitchen, luckily no one was harmed in the making of the dinner. Then came fishing and wharf jumping in the Marlborough Sounds, New Years Eve in Nelson and road tripping around Golden Bay, friends from Italy visiting us in Auckland and then the most relaxing week in Taupo with an old friend and Middle Eastern feasts. If anyone has a good flat bread recipe, please let me know!


This week we are back in Auckland as Ollie gets himself ready for his impending move to Taiwan- sorting visas, selling the car, booking flights- and we are both preparing ourselves mentally – me cooking for him, he taking me out for meals. A year apart isn’t that long, right?

photo (37)

But back to the kitchen, a staple for me in summer is a good bircher muesli. I love how you can prepare it on Sunday and be sorted for the rest of the week. Filling and healthy, it is a great alternative to normal muesli. I am sure there are many versions of how to make a good bircher muesli, but this is how I make mine. I love how the coconut works with the berries to make it taste like a treat!


Bircher Muesli
Will last about a working week of breakfasts for at least one of you

2 cups oats
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
1 tsp cinnamon
2 grated apples
1 cup natural unsweetened yoghurt
1 cup frozen berries
Honey to sweeten if you wish

This is super simple to make, it takes me about five minutes. Simply put everything into an airtight container, an icecream container works well, and mix it all together. Leave it in the fridge overnight before eating, the yoghurt and apple needs to soak into the oats to make them edible. You may need more yoghurt if yours isn’t very runny, it is all a matter of playing around until you have the right consistency. I have also used almond milk with the yoghurt as it adds a natural sweetness to the muesli. To serve, put some in a bowl and enjoy. You may like to also add some chopped banana or fresh fruit- the strawberries are so lovely and sweet this season they are a brilliant addition to everything!


Also, check out the tomatoes we have grown in our garden!
537226_10151264717478371_1522902425_n 2



  1. I have just made this, in the fridge for tomorrow… I love non-cooking food preparation. Oats are O for Awesome!

  2. Michaella Davis · · Reply

    Just popped the bircher in the fridge for tomorrow am…delish.

  3. Awesome! Let me know how it tastes. Did you use yoghurt or water? Let’s go for a walk this week x

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