A Spring Salad

Shock! Horror! It is only Tuesday and already I have a blog post – it’s amazing how much you can get done without the marking, planning and stressing Senior students add to your life. They have now all sat their Level One English exam, and I am left with only two Junior classes, and heaps more time for reading and cooking. At the moment I am reading Reading Lolita in Tehran a beautifully written memoir from an Iranian book lover.

It is Spring in Auckland – the reason it rains every time I hang the washing on the line, is hot and muggy when I am wearing a coat, and freezing cold when I am in a t shirt (currently it is HAILING outside! Hail! In November!). I am well and truly ready for summer, but Spring does have it perks – lamb, asparagus and new potatoes being the best. Here is a recipe using Jersey Bennes, the delicious new potato from Otago that graces our shelves from late October every year.

Potato, Salmon and Spinach Salad with Asparagus
Serves 4

A big fillet of salmon
1kg jersey bennes
Fresh spinnach
1 lemon
A handful of capers
A bunch of asparagus
Half a cucumber
Half a cup of natural yoghurt
A handful of fresh basil and mint
1 heaped teaspoon of horseradish
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil

While you bring a pot of salted water to the boil, prepare your salmon. Place it on a sheet of tin foil and give it a good seasoning with salt and pepper. Zest half a lemon onto it, drizzle some olive oil on top and throw in the capers. Wrap it up so you have a little parcel of goodness. (If you want to add more salmon, definitely do. This was as far as the bank stretched for a Monday) It is up to you how well cooked you like your asparagus, but I like to add them a little later so that they are firm to bite. Lay them out on the roasting tray and add the rest of the lemon zest, salt and olive oil.

By now, the water should be boiling so add your scrubbed jersey bennes, adding the fresh spinach just before they are done. The final element to pull this meal together is the yoghurt sauce. This is simply half a grated cucumber mixed into the yoghurt with the horseradish, fresh basil and mint roughly chopped, salt, olive oil and the juice of a lemon.

To plate up, mix the spinach, salmon (and capers) and potatoes together and pile onto a plate. Then lay the asparagus on top and spoon on the yoghurt sauce.

This is a fresh tasting and healthy Monday dinner that makes the most of all Spring has to offer.

Enjoy your week, I have my Mum coming up to Auckland to take me to Mary Poppins on Saturday night – so excited! I will tell you all about it in exchange for some ideas for K…



  1. YUM! I am going to try this one soon! K could be Kale? I have been wanting to use this vege in more things…but lack inspiration!

  2. Ooooh good idea Soph, will have a go. Hope you’re well x

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