I’m no good at maths, but I can still bake a cake.

Another week has gone by, and I find myself propped up in bed writing this after another glorious weekend. A Shutter Pirates exhibition, friends over for Saturday lunch, The Black Keys being totally amazing and blowing my mind, a beautiful engagement party, and dumplings and beers at Penny’s new Love Shack. Not a bad one at all.

Now I have to say, I am not much of a baker. A bit like how I am not much of a mathematician – all those measurements and precision, no ‘dash’, ‘splash’ or ‘as much as you may desire’. But I had a go at this making a honey and ginger cake and I have to say, it was pretty tasty. Kind of like a ginger crunch, smeared with honey and in cake form. If that sounds up your ally, give it a go and let me know what you think.

Honey and Ginger Cake

250g honey- I used the squeezy bottle stuff
225g butter
100g brown sugar
3 eggs
300g flour
6 tsp baking powder
Fresh ginger

Cut the butter into pieces and drop into a medium pan with the honey and sugar. Melt slowly over a low heat and grate in some fresh ginger. When everything is all melted, turn the gas up and boil for about one minute. Leave to cool for about half an hour so you don’t get scrambled eggs when you mix them in.

Next, beat the eggs into the melted honey mixture using a wooden spoon. Add the flour and baking powder and combine.

Pour the mixture into a greased tin and bake for an hour at 140° until the cake is well-risen, golden brown and springs back when pressed. DO NOT take it out at 50 minutes, test it and see that it is still quite uncooked, remember your oven is always a bit cooler than it says, crank it up, fall asleep on your bed, and then get the cake out when it is a little over done.

I’m about to embark on my last week of seniors, I feel like I am about to sit 55 exams and they are doing none – I am so much more stressed than them! I taught V for Vendetta to one of my 5th Form classes this year, which they got really in to, tagging red Vs wherever possible. I was a little bit concerned when rather than writing an essay on learning about governmental control, or change through experience, one student wrote about how it is OK to blow up Parliament buildings… watch out! Seeing as tomorrow is the 5th November, we decided to have a V for Vendetta end of year party. Here’s my contribution.

Remember remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot…


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