Holidays and Home

Home in Wellington with one of the best cooks I know, my D ingredient is dates. These date scones are care of my mother and based on the Deluxe recipe, one of my favourite cafés in Wellington.

Date Scones

4 cups of flour
4 tsp baking powder
1 can of sprite
300ml cream
Zest of half an orange
2 cups of dates

A couple of hours before, soak the dates in hot water. Next, sift the flour and baking powder into a big bowl, add the sprite, cream, dates and orange zest.

Fold gently to combine. Tip out onto a dusted surface and shape into a rectangle with your hands. Then cut into the scone shape and lightly dust with flour. These can now be popped into the oven on some baking paper for about 12 minutes at 200°C.

Enjoy with loads of butter, a cup of coffee and family in the sunshine. Home, sweet home.

Due to the school holidays, I have a few extra things to share for the letter D. Ollie and I used our Grab One deal at the Duke of Marlborough Hotel in Russell, the first pub in New Zealand. It is nestled behind the pohutakawa tress on the waterfront, over looking the Bay of Islands. We had the most beautiful weekend with the first fish and chips, sea swim and sun burn for the summer season.

Part of the deal meant dinner at the Duke, which we enjoyed outside on the veranda with a setting sun as a backdrop. If you are up in Northland, treat yourself. It is well worth it.

And while we are on the subject of delightful D establishments, my dear friend Hester manages a café in London named Damson. Sadly, I haven’t made it over there to enjoy it… yet! But I have heard about the amazing food, coffee and service. If you are on St Giles High Street, check it out, and spread the love!



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  1. Victoria Linford · · Reply

    Speaking of D… next time you visit Napier, you should call in to Mister D. I had breakfast there but lunch and dinner looks good X

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